Mission Statement

HeadPhoneHOME's Mission Statement

To provide those in search of high quality underground hip hop a place to discover, learn about, listen to, and SHARE outstanding rap music in order to greater expose worthy artists and hopefully restore the once valued connection between their talent, hard work, and skill with recognition, fame, and compensation. This should ultimately lead to the creation of more high quality underground hip hop and sustain the genre's growth into the future.

Reason For Creating This Site

I have found that the most fundamental truth in life is: "Happiness is only real when shared". The thing that makes me the most happy in life is listening to hip hop music. This happiness takes on no meaning, however, if I don't have others to share it with. Thus, although a website is not the best medium for sharing and expressing my love of hip hop with you, it does allow me the unique ability to reach a greater audience in a constructive way. However, I still prefer the old fashioned way of sharing my music; by listening to it with other people or by physically handing them a copy of a new CD that I want them to hear. Sharing music is very personal and forms a shared experience between two listeners. I like that.
So what distinguishes HeadPhoneHOME from other hip hop sites?

1) Emphasizing quality over quantity: You will never be overwhelmed with ALL the new music releases on HeadPhoneHOME. This is not a site about keeping up with the most recent music leaks. Rather, only the worthy releases and timeless classics will be shared so as not to waste your time by listening to crappy music. This I promise you.

2) Creating orignal mix CD's with purpose: You will not just get a random collection of songs on a mix without something that ties them all together. If you ever made someone a mix tape/CD back in the day, then you know that you put a lot of time, meaning, and effort into it. I try to capture that same feeling as if I'm personally handing you a Filet-o-Mix CD and saying "I made this for you. I hope you like it".

3) My taste in hip hop music: It's pretty simple; I post what I think is quality music and tell you what I think is not. If you like what I post, then you have come to the right place. HeadPhoneHOME is all about helping you discover a new favorite song, artist, video, album, etc. I live for those discoveries and want you to experience them too.

4) Always doing it for the love, first and foremost: It's abundantly clear that these days hip hop has taken a turn for the worse for one, and ONLY ONE, reason. MONEY. When hip hop became a cash cow, it became acceptable to lock it up, feed it processed food, and milk it for all it's worth until it eventually dies. That is not how hip hop was meant to be. It was meant to roam free, eat healthy, and expand its horizons. You see where I'm going with this metaphor right? The point is that hip hop culture emerged from an environment with no money as a way for youth to release their energy creatively and constructively. Corporate culture and conspicuous consumption go against the fundamentals of hip hop. The only way to recapture this original ideal is to support hip hop for "the love" and not for the money.

I hope you enjoy the site! Please get at me with your thoughts and suggestions at HeadPhoneHome@gmail.com.




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