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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Songs: Am I obsessed? This damsel got me in distress...

Here are two songs that I'm really feeling right now, both of which are by Donwill of the hip hop group Tanya Morgan. These two songs are the highlights of Donwill's free mixtape and his first full length solo album both provided below. Both songs are about the emotional hardships from losing that special someone. Listen and download below!

(right click to save & download)
This song has so much emotion. The real minimalist beat really sets the tone of the song - steady background handclaps while a vocal soul sample repeats the haunting phrase "want you to want me". The distorted sample sounds muffled as if its being repeated off in the distance and the lyrics tell the tale of a lost love - "the one" that got away. This is the kind of song that makes me love hip hop for its soulfulness, complexity, and expressiveness. The song isn't long enough and can be put on repeat indefinitely.

(right click to save & download)
This song has a beat that needs to be played loud on a great speaker system to be truly appreciated. The beat seems to surround you with all of its layers. The lead single off this album is dedicated to Donwill's ex-girl who he is obviously so hung up on that he titled this song and the above mixtape after her. Once again, a very emotion laden track, but this time in more of a storytelling manner recounting the tale of his loss. I love the beat on this track with the vocal sample building up to the chorus and playing out in the end of the track. With all the different sounds interacting, it's easy to get lost in the track when you close your eyes and play it loud.

Enjoy the soulful tracks.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mixtape: Dilla Mix Vol. 2

I'm quite impressed with this mixtape compiled and mixed on the 1's and 2's by my friend Chris, one of the biggest Dilla fans you'll ever meet. He put it up on his blog (link above) a week ago and I couldn't download it until today, but my dude put together a tracklist that'll impress even the most hardcore Jay Dee fan. Staying true to the original mixtape format, this mix is one track - two hours of some of the dopest Dilla beats, verses, and instrumentals. A true testament to Dilla's incredible versatility, this mix gives the listener a good idea of how and why Dilla is considered one of the greatest producers of all time... R.I.P. J Dilla...

"It was in the wind when she said Dilla was gone, that's when I knew we'd live forever through song" ~ Common - Forever Begins


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