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So what's a Filet-o-Mix you ask? To put it simply, it is a hip hop mix CD compiled and arranged by yours truly Filet Of Sole - composed of only the best hip hop songs in existence. Every Filet-o-Mix CD that I make is put together with some sort of cohesive concept, topic, or sonic quality in mind. The idea for the Filet-o-Mix was spawned in my brain when I realized that I had nothing to show for the thousands of hours I have dedicated to listening to and discovering great hip hop. Thus, I decided to become a creator and found an interesting way to share my passion for music with you.

Each song on these Filet-o-Mix CD's was selected for a good reason and with much thought and care. So please: download them one by one, burn them to a CD, then find those CD's in your house 10 years from now, dust off your old CD player, pop them in and be glad that you still have your hands on some classic hip hop that will never die.

Filet-o-Mix: Posts
01 Love: The Most Dangerous Game
02 Jay-Z - The BLACK[EST] Album
03 Weed: The Chronic 2009
04 Mind Travel: An Introspective Mix
05 This DJ Kno's Best
06 The Monti Mash: "Coming Of Age"
07 23 'til Infinity EP
08 J Dilla - Live Forever Vol. 1
09 Dedicated To The Struggle
10 Empowering 'Em
11 Bitches Ain't Shit
12 Songs With Swagger
13 Recapturing That Feeling
14 The Pump UP
15 Pete's Extremely Bootleg Essentials
16 The State of Hip Hop
17 Catharsis - The Breakup Mix


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