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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Filet-o-Mix 10: Empowering 'Em

[Note: The songs and theme for this Filet-o-Mix were chosen by my friend, Em, as a source of inspiration to those seeking empowerment. If you have an interest in submitting your own themed hip hop Filet-o-Mix, hit me at so we can build]

01 Dilated Peoples - Marathon
02 T.I. - No Matter What
03 Q-Tip - Do It, See It, Be It
04 2Pac & Outlawz - Still I Rise
05 Krayzie Bone - Hard Time Hustling
06 Drake - Successful (Ft. Lil Wayne)
07 Gang Starr - In This Life... (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
08 The Roots - What They Do
09 Pigeon John - Weight Of The World
10 Kanye West - Through The Wire
11 Mary J. Blige - Work That
12 Lords Of The Underground - What I'm After
13 50 Cent - Hate It Or Love It Remix (Ft. G-Unit)
14 YoungBloodZ - I'mma Shine
15 Lauryn Hill - Water Remix (Ft. Common & Black Thought)
16 Rakaa & Self Scientific - Do For Self
17 Likwit Junkies - Keep Doin' It

And now, what this mix is about in Em's own words...

"Underground. Coming up. Growing up. Studying. Learning. Working hard. Struggling. Uncertainty. Figuring things out. Competition. Giving it you're all. Making deals. Hour after hour. Finding your way. Another day. Marathon of trials. Temptations. Bullshit. Overcoming. Perseverance. Being yourself. Having faith. Doing your thing. Being proud. Reaching goals. Fame. Success. Love of self. Do for self.

And I did this mix for myself. Hip hop is often my motivation, and my spiritual backbone. If they can do it, I can do it. Just gotta keep pushing. So I included an extra "Em" at the end of the title. Empowering myself. Empowering you and me."

-Em aka The Mos Ill Lil Youngin'

P.S. Listen to the lyrics!! The music speaks for itself.


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