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Friday, August 13, 2010

Freddie Gibbs -The Ghetto (Video)

Yo, last week I was at this dude Freddie Gibbs album release party at S.O.B.'s in NYC. Although Gibbs wasn't worth much to me live (unlike Black Milk who also preformed that night with a full band), I couldn't help but notice the standout track "The Ghetto" which appropriates the classic instrumental track used in Big L & Jay-Z's infamous "7 Minute Freestyle". The familiarity of the track combined with beefed up drums and a grimy flow was enough to get me really interested, but when I saw the video I knew Gibbs and crew were onto something here. I can tell the dude is a poet at heart with his lyrics (remember when 50 Cent was too? ie. The Good Die Young), but the visuals really pull you into his world of "The Ghetto" where he grew up. The opening imagery of a cross in an empty field, unmanned piano hammers, and dirty roses speaks volumes and conjurs allusions to 2Pac (See: 7 Day Theory Cover, The Rose That Grew From Concrete). The overly simplistic hook is enough to get caught in your head while the lyrics seem to reveal their complexity only through repeat listens (that's the making of a good song). As Gansta Gibbs says, "Cause me I'm from the Ghetto and to make it out where I'm from yes you gotta do something special". In my opinion, his music is definitely at that level. Now work on that stage presence and you'll come up quick young Gibbs.

 Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto (right click to download)


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