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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Gods of Music

It's been nearly 1 month since I've posted new music. I guess I just had to take some time away to figure out where my priorities lie. Music will always be that inescapable #1. Perhaps the only thing in the world that I can't live without (excluding food and water). That being said, the below is the best of the best. It was a sign for me to get off my ass and post this. New videos and new music from my favorite artist this past year - MACKLEMORE and his faithful producer Ryan Lewis. Mack will be huge - mark my words.
A track about coveting sneakers and the traps of materialism. "Wings" is the first leak off the full length Mack & Lewis album coming not soon enough. I CAN'T WAIT!

Oh yeah, and there are two new Macklemore videos that dropped recently below. 1) "Irish Celebration", the smash Irish pride drinking anthem released in late 2009 on The VS. EP and 2) "My Oh My", a tribute song to and catch phrase of the late Seattle Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus (featured in my last post).

And please let me know if you love it in the comments down below. I miss you guys.

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  1. macklemore is increĆ­ble. even npr thinks so, and i dont even like npr!



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