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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Filet-o-Mix 17: Catharsis - The Breakup Mix

Catharsis - The Breakup Mix

So here's another addition to the Filet-o-Mix series for y'all. This is the first Filet-o-Mix sequel though, a follow up to the first mix I ever did in 2009, Filet-o-Mix 01: Love - The Most Dangerous Game. It seems that I'm obsessed with hip hop songs about heartbreak. They're so honest and I'm able to relate to the artists' emotions. I made both of these mixes in true cliché breakup fashion... after two of my own breakups. I realize that I make these mixes after breakups for cathartic purposes, so I can listen to them and empathize, expressing and sharing my sorrow with the artists through their music. Both or these mixes are very personal and I hope you enjoy them or know someone who can use them as I did.

01 Now On - I'm Sayin (14KT Random Horns Remix) Ft. Aloe Blacc
02 Macklemore - Love Song
03 Donwill - Want You To Want Me Reprise Ft. Tanya Morgan
04 Devin The Dude - Thinkin' Boutchu
05 Sway - Look After My Girl Ft. Darren B (Prod. by Emile)
06 14KT - Miss U (For Lost Loved Ones)
08 JR & PH7 - I Keep On Movin' (Ft. Kaze & Edgard Allen Floe)
09 Eminem - Space Bound
10 Mickey Factz - Ashes
12 Z-Trip - Everything Changes (Ft. Aceyalone & Mystic)
13 Yelawolf - Love Is Not Enough
15 BlakRoc - Why Can't I Forget Him (Ft. Nicole Wray)
16 J Dilla - Stop
17 Donwill - Laura's Song
18 Miguel - All I Want Is You Ft. J. Cole
19 Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor

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