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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Album Preview: Purpose & Confidence - The Purpose of Confidence (2012)

Stream the first single off the new album: 

Confidence has done it yet again... With his soulful samples, the producer is ready to reinvigorate real hip hop once more with finely-crafted beats on the new album The Purpose of Confidence dropping 9/11 this year.

You may remember the name Confidence from my post last year about the best hip hop album of 2011 (then he was producing beats for the emcee Rashad). It's time to get excited for yet another classic hip hop album from Confidence, this time around with a new partner-emcee Purpose (founding member of the group Tragic Allies). Here are preview snippets of the upcoming album below to whet your appetite. 

Warning: These beats should only be played at high volumes for maximum effect.

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