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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sol - Dear Friends Vol. I + II

Download "Dear Friends Vol. II"

Don't let the average looking album artwork fool you, this EP is AWESOME and a must download for the summer! You probably don't know Sol, but you probably should. Probably you'd hear about him in 5 years though because he's only 21 years old and already making some of the most well-polished hip hop coming out of Seattle's underground scene - and that's saying a lot considering there's a laundry list of amazing talent out in the Northwest right now such as Blue Scholars, Macklemore, Grynch, Dyme Def, The Physics, Jake One, Common Market, and many others. This 6 song FreEP came out May 21st and has some pure hip hop to vibe and nod your head to. This is beautiful music that I can only imagine how great it must sound to Sol when he's high as shit. Loving all the classic samples he uses in the chorus on the track below (The bonus track #6 on this EP) with accompanying visuals of the 4 artists in the studio making the song.

Sol - Spliff (Remix) Ft. Grynch, Prometheus Brown, and Thig Natural

And if you like the above...
Download "Dear Friends Vol. I"

You will definitely want to check out Sol's first installment of the "Dear Friends EP" series. This is what turned me onto Sol so you already know it's good music. Enjoy!


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