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Friday, September 11, 2009

Update: Keepin' It Fresh

My first show on tour

Dear readers,

As some of you know, I will be leaving to be the Assistant Tour Manager on the Perez Hilton Presents tour, which means I will not get to post as frequently as I would like to. But you know me…I wouldn’t deprive you of your new rap music (I’m not that selfish). A few noticeable updates to the blog for starters as I make my way through the country via tour bus…

1) The new email subscribe feature at the top right (as some of you getting this know) is pretty awesome. It’s a great way to get updated every time I have a new post (Although the emails do not show my posted videos, so come back to the site frequently!).

2) Check the labels feature on the right of the page so you can search the posts by category if interested.

3) New streaming music files for individual songs (not albums) with downloads for individual tracks.

4) Put your mouse on the top right corner on any of the links on my page and you can play Youtube videos within my page or preview a linked Wikipedia article.

5) More improvements to come…this is just the start.

Please leave some love, suggestions, comments, and feedback for me below. Next post will be up shortly. Thanks!!

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