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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Song: Mos Def – Travellin’ Man (Remix)

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Leaving to be on the road for a month brought none other than one of my favorite Mos Def songs to mind, Travellin’ Man (Remix). In this song, Mos Def raps about the challenge of leaving everything that you know and love behind in order to go pursue better opportunities.

Using a slightly adapted chorus of the song Leaving On A Jet Plane written by John Denver, Mos Def pours his heart out on the track as he laments leaving his girl while he goes touring to try and make it as a rap star. Mos uses a masterful metaphor when he raps the line “this thing called rhyming no different from coal mining, we both on assignment to unearth the diamond”. In this line he’s saying that being a rapper is laborious work at times and that the ultimate goal is finally being discovered and recognized for the hard work you put in. And in order to make it big time, Mos knows you must be willing to sacrifice what you love by leaving it behind sometimes.

Below is the video for the original song, which is still awesome, but in my opinion not as good as the remix.

There aren’t many other rappers who are as versatile as Mos Def. What other rapper do you know that can flip a track from spoken word, to soulful singing, to pitching hard yet intelligent lyrics and backing all three with passion and emotion. Listen to him in the song Modern Marvel and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Got a lot of things I got to do, but God willing I’m coming back to you”...I Mos Definitely will…

Another great song to check out about leaving:
Wyclef Jean – Gone ‘Til November

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