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Friday, February 5, 2010

Filet-o-Mix 05 - This DJ Kno's Best

01 CunninLynguists Ft. Natti & Versatile - Diamond Sky
02 Mr. SOS Ft. Deacon The Villain, Flip Flop & Juicy - Stay High 
03 Celph Titled Ft. Cashmere The PRO & Oktober - Clap
04 CunninLynguists - Beautiful Girl
05 CunninLynguists - Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
06 CunninLynguists - Lynguistics
07 CunninLynguists - Since When
08 Tonedeff Ft. Deacon The Villain - Love Ain't (Remix)
09 Mr. SOS - Time (What Is It)
10 CunninLynguists - To Be For Real
11 CunninLynguists - Move
12 CunninLynguists - K.K.K.Y.
13 CunninLynguists Ft. Substantial & J. Bully - Nasty Filthy (Remix)
14 CunninLynguists - Hellfire
15 CunninLynguists Ft. Tonedeff - The Gates
16 CunninLynguists - Halfanimal, Halfman
17 Tonedeff Ft. Deacon The Villain - No Hope
18 CunninLynguists - The South
19 Inverse Ft. Substantial - Spark My Soul
20 Inverse Ft. Trek Life & Deacon The Villain - Til' The End (C.A.L.I.)

For the theme of this Filet-o-Mix, I decided to turn to the music of an influential and visionary hip hop producer, DJ Kno. Kno has created some of the most unique and interesting beats out in the hip hop underground since 2001 when he debuted his skills by producing the majority of the CunninLynguists first album Will Rap For Food. This mix is meant to give you an introduction to some of Kno's best work. You will find that he has a very signature sound of huge bass, crazy soulful vocal samples, and snares that slap you across the face. You shouldn't even play this music unless its loud enough to annoy your neighbors. 

There is no other producer who can copy Kno's style because it is ever changing with his projects. Each project has a concept behind it as Kno explains below in an interview about his group the CunninLynguists,
"We're a shining representation of the fact you have to have an angle to sell records, because people honestly don't know what to make of us.  Horrible name.  Too white for black people, too black for white people, too mainstream for backpackers, too underground for mainstream rap fans, too southern for people outside of the south, too "hip-hop" for southerners.  Too many rock samples for Common fans, too much soul for Sage Francis fans.  I've witnessed it with my own eyes and ears over 6 years. People we reach are people who simply love good music and don't give a shit what anyone else says about their tastes."
This is truly some GOOD music. If you have been following my Filet-o-Mix series, you will notice that at least one track of Kno's appears on each of my four previous Filet-o-Mixtapes. 

Filet-o-Mix 1: CunninLynguists - Love Ain't (Remix)
Filet-o-Mix 2: Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder [Kno vs. HOV: The White Al-bu-lum]
Filet-o-Mix 3: Cunninlynguists - Never Come Down (The Brownie Song), Mr. SOS - Stay High Ft. Deacon The Villain, Flip Flop, & Juicy
Filet-o-Mix 4: Tonedeff - No Hope Ft. Deacon The Villain

Now go download the mix and discover why Kno is one of my favorite hip hop producers to date.


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