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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Song: Slaughterhouse - Move On (2009)

Woah. If you've been sleeping on new hip hop, this is the Folgers in your cup right here! I know I woke up a little when I heard this. Hip Hop has a new group in town, or should I more accurately say "supergroup", named Slaughterhouse. These four well-established emcees have teamed up to make songs that are even better than their solo efforts. The group members include Joe Budden (hailing from Jersey City), Joell Ortiz (Brooklyn), Royce Da 5'9" (Detroit), and Crooked I (Long Beach). I love all of these guys individually, but when you throw them together on a track it just seams like it was meant to be.

Joell Ortiz spits with passion in his voice and in his lyrics (very similar to Brother Ali), and makes you believe that he only says shit from the heart. Joe Budden is a straight storyteller of life with delivery, punchlines, and depth to his verses. Royce is a smooth cat with a tough voice and a very consistent and collected flow. Crooked I is straight up talented with two sides to his coin, gangsta and intelligent. All of them have been in the game for years and their collective style is both gritty AND deep containing equal parts of substance, swag, and bravado. This single above, called Move On, is about how each of the rappers is trying to let all interviewers know that their pasts are behind them and that they are starting fresh with this new group. This single is just a taste of what we're all in for when their self-titled album drops on August 11, 09. Get pumped!

Favorite verses in order: Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9"
Favorite Quote: "We're stressed out over cash flow. Hip hop used to console my soul, now it's a bunch of assholes" - Crooked I

Another hip hop supergroup to check out is EMC (Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, & Stricklin) who released their debut album, called The Show, in 2008. This album is filled with stunningly deep tracks and head-nodding bangers.

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  1. I can't believe that's joe budden. pump it up is so bad...



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