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Monday, July 27, 2009

Album: Sway - This Is My Demo (2005)

Here's a rapper you've probably never heard of. And why's that? Well, that's probably because Sway (real name Derek Safo aka Sway DaSafo) is from London, and proud of it. Let me first start by saying that this man is TALENTED. I would like to compare him to Eminem in terms of rapping talent. Both men are masters of their flow, edgy, and gifted in terms of song writing. Although where Em has the ability to rhyme words you never thought could go together, Sway likes to constantly fluctuate his intonation and flows like no one else I've ever heard before. Just listen carefully to the above song, the self-titled intro to his first official album titled This Is My Demo. Well let's just say it might take you 5 or more listens to get everything he's saying (not to mention the English accent to boot). Sway can rap FAST, yet has the lyrics to pull off a slow song as well like his track titled Still On My Own. His whole debut album has a wide range of topics, yet many of his best songs on the album relate to his personal struggles coming up as an artist and a man. Also worthy of mention is his absolutely crazy writing ability that he displays on many tracks including Hype Boys .

"Being a bad liar is like having a bad lawyer
As soon as they get caught they get the sentence uffed up
A good liar's benevolent
With a memory like an elephant
And knows exactly when to shhhhh
Lies spread around like viruses
So how can I survive in this?
'Cause even the truth lies (where?)
In people's irises
So how can I resist
I had to lie to write this verse
Got my talent for twisting words
Hence my title, I'm a "lie"ricist"

Also of note is that Sway doesn't advocate the use of the word "nigga" or the style of rappers that glorify themselves with fake tales of violence and gang culture. Sway released his 2nd album The Signature LP in 2008 which is a bit more commercial sounding but equally as creative. Do yourself a favor and ask me for a copy of this classic.

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