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Sunday, October 31, 2010

EP: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - VS. Redux

01 Vipassana (Ryan Lewis Remix)
02 Crew Cuts (feat. Xperience) [Jake One Remix]
03 Otherside (feat. Fences) [Ryan Lewis Remix]
04 Irish Celebration (P Smoov Remix)
05 The End (Budo Remix)
06 The Town (Sabzi Remix)

There comes a time when it's undeniable that you have to give support by BUYING good music instead of just downloading it for free. I realize that I am guilty of stealing music 99.85% of the time, but this EP is just one of those occasions where I needed to buy this on principle, regardless of what it sounded like. You may remember when I raved and raved about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis dropping the VS. EP back almost a year ago for FREE and how it was a must MUST download. I think I've listened to that 7 track EP probably close to 30 times and it never gets dull. One week ago, the duo released VS. Redux, which is a 6 song EP of remixes from the original VS. EP (except for the last track "The Town", which was on Macklemore's The Unplanned Mixtape).

Since the original VS. EP's beats were made from sampling other contemporary artists (such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers), the duo could not sell their original EP for money and decided to give that beautiful piece of hard work away for free to us fans. Now, the VS. Redux EP has new beats made by some phenomenal producers including Jake One, Sabzi, P Smoov, Budo, as well as Ryan Lewis. The standout remix is the first leaked single off VS. Redux called "Otherside (Ryan Lewis Remix)" (preview it above!), which is about drug addiction and features the indie artist Fences singing an emotion laden chorus. In my mind, I didn't think it would be possible to top the original Otherside, but this one comes close and does the original justice. If you loved the VS. EP like I did, please support some of my favorite independent hip hop artists and buy this EP that costs about as much as a sandwich at just under $6. Or at least preview it on iTunes and download the original VS. EP for free if you haven't already! The night that this dropped, it broke into the top 10 iTunes hip hop chart. That's a testament to the power of love for great hip hop right there. Peep the "Otherside A Cappella" below.

 Macklemore - Otherside (A Cappella)

Peace fam.


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