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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Album: M.anifest - The Birds & The Beats (2009)

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Hot Dayyum! This new FREE mixtape The Birds & The Beats by M.anifest is absolutely AMAZING! A must MUST MUST download. Optional donation for the download to support Young Entrepreneurs Africa (YE,A) a non-profit empowering underprivileged youth in Africa.

Seriously this mixtape blew me away. A few questions ran through my head upon listening to it. How is this a mixtape and not an album? How is this for free!? How did M.anifest make every single song phenomenal? I feel inspired when I listened to this... inspired to what?... to dance... to listen... to think... Open your mind and give this bangin' hip hop by a talented African a spin...

Now for a little about M.anifest aka M Dot. M.anifest is a rising Hip-Hop artist born in Accra, Ghana and resident in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is an intelligent and conscious MC with a gift for writing. To quote the man on his own style "Introspection mixed with splashes of social commentary is my bread and butter... I'm unapologetically Ghanaian, and so African that at the slightest provocation I burst into vocal mannerisms". M.anifest is a member of the group A.R.M. (African Rebel Movement) along with Krukid and Budo (Producer). Check out the video below for the first single off their upcoming album Uprising. More on M.anifest on Facebook Here.

A.R.M. - "Heaven Only Knows" Ft. Brother Ali
Download Song Here

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