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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Album: People Under The Stairs - Carried Away (2009)

1. Step Off
2. Much Too Much
3. Hit the Top
4. Listen
5. Trippin’ at the Disco
6. 80 Blocks from Silverlake
7. Beer
8. Come On, Let’s Get High
9. Check the Vibe
10. Letter from the Old School
12. Down in LA
13. My Boy D
14. Teeth
15. Creepshow
16. Chicken Kebap
17. Carried Away

Once again it's the "P"...aka PUTS ...aka People Under The Stairs ...aka my favorite rap group of all time. And when I found out that this dynamic duo was back on the map with their 7th studio album Carried Away, I was ...well ...carried away to 7th heaven.

Ok that was gay, but seriously, I couldn't believe that I missed their album release date by two weeks! I was so excited... all ready and poised to download the album, but a voice stopped me. It said "Wait... wait!! This is your favorite group, and you stole their last album Fun DMC you asshole". The voice was my conscience of course and it did get the best of me. I proceeded to order the Limited Fanclub Edition CD that came with a V.I.P. pass (Very Important Partier) that "entitles you to  exclusive party favors at all PUTS shows" and a PUTS collage poster with a board game on the back. Even though I had to wait a few days, it was damn worth it for that feeling to hear my favorite group kill it on their newest masterpiece. There ain't nothing else like it in the world.

For those of you new to PUTS, I must explain why I like them so much. The group is the ultimate in hip hop purity. All beats, rhymes, samples, and scratching are done without any outside help. The group is all about having fun with their music and in this album most songs revolve around booze, bbqs, blunts, pop-culture references, and of course their hometown of LA. The guys, Thes One and Double K, are incredible lyricists, and they use their skills to make chill music that you can vibe and party to. It's refreshing as hell to hear a hip hop group that doesn't rap at all about guns, money, selling drugs, or political issues.

The People Under The Stairs are all about having a good time and they embody perfectly everything I respect in hip hop. Great beats, creative rhymes, the coolest attitude, and originality that tops all others.

"We went into CVS one morning and they decided to dismantle their wine section, so every bottle was $1.99. I bought five cases of wine. We would go into the studio everyday and start recording at 9 A.M. and we'd be drinking wine to create a vibe. As long as we're having fun and getting drunk, we're fine." - Thes One of PUTS

Check the video below of their first single Trippin' At The Disco ...and yes, it's supposed to be funny.

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