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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Music Video Director: Zia Mohajerjasbi

This is a rare occurrence that I am spotlighting a music video director, but after this video clip below I think you'll know exactly why I am fully repping Zia Mohajerjasbi. His style is simple, yet elegant as he creates beauty on a small budget and the song combines perfectly with the visuals to make an emotional piece of art.

This is a short video clip created by Zia about the making of the video for Macklemore's first single off The Unplanned Mixtape. The song is called 'The Town' - which I will post soon along with the rest of the mixtape and the full video. Stay tuned.

Even though I'd probably pronounce his last name, Mohajerjasbi, like it was the "safeword" in the movie EuroTrip, I'm a huge fan of his work and I didn't even know it until yesterday when I stumbled upon his blog ( Thank you twitter. It was there that I realized he had directed several music videos that I had already fell in love with and was in the process of creating the first ever music video by one of my new favorite artists Macklemore (Don't remember Macklemore? Peep my earlier post).

For all the hip hop music videos that come out these days, only a handful are worth watching. That is, unless you pair the right director with the right artist. In this case what you get is pure magic. For example, Zia has directed other music videos for some of Seattle's underground hip hop elite including: Blue Scholars, Common Market, Macklemore, Jake One, & Gabriel Teodros. Peep some of his best work below and the rest of his work at his YouTube channel HERE or on Vimeo HERE.

Blue Scholars - 'Coffee & Snow' Music Video

Jake One - 'Home' Music Video

Common Market - 'Escaping Arkham' Music Video

Blue Scholars - 'Joe Metro' Music Video

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