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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Filet of the Day #1: October '09 (Archive)

See that small strip of tenderloin up there. That's the prime cut. Now picture hip hop as the whole cow  and that small piece as what I give you. To be more specific, prime grade hip hop is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

Now you can download all of my "Filet of the Day" picks for the whole past month of October. This list is a random assortment of great songs picked on a daily basis. Some are new, others are old, but all can be categorized as top-notch prime grade hip hop. Pass the love around. Burn the mix, listen to it, give it away, sell it, rip it, bump it, zone to it, write your own rhymes to it, be inspired. Let the music consume you and come back for a quality new song daily.

<10/14/09> Big L - Dangerzone
<10/15/09> Common - So Cool
<10/16/09> 2Pac & Outlawz - One Day At A Time
<10/17/09> Shad K Ft. Jermiside & Destruments - The Calling
<10/18/09> Redman - Funkorama
<10/19/09> Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown
<10/20/09> Nappy Roots - Work In Progress
<10/21/09> Chapter 13 - The Rebirth
<10/22/09> Little Brother - That Ain't Love
<10/23/09> Jay-Z & SCAM - Party Life Remix (Cooler Than...)
<10/24/09> Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip?
<10/25/09> KiD CuDi - CuDi Zone
<10/26/09> Raekwon - Ason Jones (Prod. by J Dilla)
<10/27/09> Finale - Heat (Prod. by J Dilla)
<10/28/09> Vakill Ft. Vizion - Man Into Monster
<10/29/09> Rashid Hadee - Set In Stone (Street Lights)
<10/30/09> Termanology - Nothing Iz Real
<10/31/09> Looptroop - Zombies *Note the Halloween theme*


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