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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update: A Site To Behold

 The new-age ghetto blaster

These are a few major improvements and cool additions to the site.

1) The layout has changed if you didn't notice. Now it's clean and spread out. Lots of room for videos!

2) Streaming playlists!! Thanks to Yahoo! Media Player, a few hacks, and a lot of free time on my hands (I'm unemployed at the moment), I have managed to find the best way to turn my site into a virtual playlist so you can listen to my music from any computer while you work, chill, etc. You can click on the play button next to any song link and the player will start playing the song automatically. Check the pop-up player in the bottom left of the page. It features...

        a) A viewable playlist (pops up from the top of the player)
        b) A focus button (to locate the currently playing track on the page)
        c) A loop button inside the playlist pop-up (automatically restarts the playlist when it ends)
        d) Auto-resume (automatically restarts your last played song where you left it whenever you reload the webpage!).

Seriously, I'm more excited about this than you are.

3) Filet of the Day is a new section at the top of the blog where I bring you a new song to stream daily, which gets added to the site's playlist. Hit the play button at the top of the page if you haven't already to here the first one. These songs are handpicked with love. I will archive them so you can still listen to your favorites within the site at a later date. You can also download any streaming files on the site by right-clicking on the song link and selecting Download link target, Save target as, Download linked file, or whatever phrase your web browser uses.

4) Share This button at the end of each blog post lets you easily email a post to a friend OR post a link of any blog entry on a social networking site like Facebook. Spread the word if you love the music or know someone that would!! I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks everyone that's reading. Leave a comment with some feedback for me below.

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