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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Album: Grynch - My Second Wind (2008)

As of recently I've been a little more than obsessed with Seattle hip hop. Why? Because the region BY FAR has the most musically creative, intelligent, and all around best hip hop in the nation right now, hands down. It's so easy to miss this fact though if you're an East Coaster like me. That's why I have come to rectify the situation. ATTENTION EAST COAST - THIS IS SOME DOPE SHIT ALERT!

So who is Grynch and why in the hell should you care? Maybe watch this video below and get an idea.

Awesome right? Perhaps even more awesome though than the song's video is the Sabzi produced remix of that track "My Volvo (Bolbo Riddim Remix)" [right click save as to download]

But don't get it twisted, Grynch doesn't just spit gimmicks - he is a damn good MC who is committed to making great-sounding hip hop music and writing quality lyrics. That's why I present to you his sophomore album below and a few tracks to preview - don't miss track 13 "If Only" featuring Macklemore (If you wanna stream the whole album, check out his bandcamp site here). Life's too short to listen to crappy music. Expand your musical intelligence with this dope hip hop below.

01-It's A New Day
02-I Won't Lose
03-Dear Grynch
04-The Youngest In Charge (Feat. Fatal Lucciauno & D.Black)
05-All Night (Feat. Too Good & Billy Patron)
07-Summertime (Feat. Geologic)
08-My Second Wind
09-Memory Lane (Feat. Sonny Bonoho)
10-Good Morning
11-Home (Feat. Speedy Gonzalez)
12 -Peer Pressure
13-If Only (Feat. C-nik & Macklemore)
14-The Perfect Imperfection
16-One Love (Feat. Portia)
17-When The Beast Comes Out
18-That's Hip-hop

For more music by Grynch, check out


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